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My goal is to help you re-align your life and let go of thoughts and behaviors that undermine you, so that a renewed and fulfilled you can emerge. With extensive experience in Life Coaching and a vast history of client success, my individualized approach will help you attain your goals.

Motivational speaker, author, radio broadcaster and performer, A’mari “DJ Mona-Lisa”

Professionalism and Experience

As a professionally trained and experienced Life Coach, I have the tools and understanding to help you to create the life you imagine and get a renewed sense of self. I can help you change your perception of life so that it is filled with vitality and enthusiasm.

Journalist, radio broadcaster, performer, motivational speaker and author, A’mari “DJ Mona-Lisa”.

Supportive Journey

Committing to a healthier, more rewarding lifestyle is just that – a commitment, and it’s a big one that will take a lot a dedication.  You need someone you believe in to support and empower you. Having a personal life coach is worth it.  No more questions unanswered. My personal commitment is to provide you with clairvoyant consultation for full understanding, self-realization  and awareness while accomplishing lasting results and growth.  All spiritual readings are precise and accurate. 

Expect to see immediate life changes. 


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About Us

Journalist, reality star, radio broadcaster, recording artist, author -A’mari “DJ Mona-Lisa”

Look No Further

EHarmony Magazine relates to real life experiences and provide tools to cope with stigmas of life including homelessness, hardships,  job loss, relationships and career changes. 


When most of my  13 children became adults, surprisingly, it greatly affected me. I did not know what role to play anymore. I had dedicated most of my life to raising my children to the best of my ability and felt completely lost and forsaken when they became independent and spent less time with me as a family . Getting involved in a relationship was the last thing on my mind. I had to find ways to get rid of the pain and loneliness. At one point I tried to be in denial in regards to going through depression then I finally decided to confront the problem. 

My doctor referred me to a psychologist after writing certain prescription for weight-loss. . The pills caused anxiety attacks. He seemed to be aware of the side effects as he prescribed a pill also for the diagnosis before it even occurred. 

I had to make the decision to take control of my life and accept the fact that my duty as a parent was no longer relevant as before. 

I stopped taking the pills and focus on eating healthy. I also ventured outdoors and enjoyed the beautiful sunshine and met wonderful friends. 

Shortly after, I embarked into the studio and successfully recorded an album. I managed to shoot a music video, did my regular reality show but my greatest accomplishment is creating a blog that speaks to others about my skills and expertise in regards to spiritual growth, alternative healing remedies, lifestyles and relationships. 

The intrinsic rewards of being a journalist are astounding. I never realized I had so much to other to people other than my kids. It is a healing process and I’m beginning to realize that a flower inside me is beginning to open up. I feel reborn. Somehow my journey has just begun. All of a sudden I view the horizon in the distance and make way towards my true destiny. 

We offer spiritual  empowerment to career driven people and personal life coaches  to help You to overcome certain obstacles and get back on your feet again. 

Our services ce are like no other as we provide clairvoyance based on our gifted ability  , knowledge and personal experiences. 

Accurate Clairvoyant Readings

Veneice R. Fung-Chung is an acclaimed musician, journalist, radio broadcaster, motivational speaker and a public figure. She was born and raised in Jamaica by her grandparents. Belvedere Purcell, her grandmother was a strong believer in God.. She taught her grandchild how to recite and perform. Her grandmother also had various scholarly materials and encyclopedias in regards to illnesses and natural healing remedies. At a very young age, Veneice Fung-Chung studied the anatomy of human beings. She revised every doctrine in regards to holistic healing  She recall doing a science test while attending high school. Out of a classroom of over 42 students, she was the only one that passed the exam and was highly praised by the instructor who often displayed hatred towards her. Veneice realized then that certain healing abilities were embedded within her. She later found out that she poccessed psychic abilities which she practiced for many years. Her ability to heal and predict the future is astounding. However she often felt depleted and took a break while attending college. She studied various subject including International Law and Psychology. Currently she is the CEO of her own independent record label, an acclaimed recording artist/ songwriter, a renown motivational speaker and outstanding journalist. 

You’ve Finally Found the Answer

The answers to life lies within us. However, some people spend quality time studying how to enhance other people’s life. A personal life coach will prepare you for what lies ahead thus enabling you to be successful. Book an appointment today. 

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